March 15th, 2004

fucking insane

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hey i'm new, but i've been a fan for years....

just thought i'd share an "ohh so wonderful" experience i had just tonight. so orgy, or at least jay and ryan were on some rock station show tonight. the station asked for callers so that they could ask questions and all. i called in. after many failed attempts....THEY ACTUALLY PICKED UP!.... i was escatic. i mean really, i was going to talk to jay gordon! i literally was shaking....the woman asks me for all my information " what's your name? what's your question? how old are you? what's your number and your area code?" BLAH BLAH BLAH. and after having sat and waited on the phone listening to the actual live interview, THEY RAN OUT OF TIME....i was the next person and they ran out of time. i had my radio set on record so that i could have proof of my actually conversing with them but no....i absolutely hate the radio....
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