February 25th, 2004

Kai Monster


normaly i don't rant.. about cds

I pre-ordered PSP about a month before it came out. I did the whole send Lou or Grace an email showing you pre-ordered a copy of PSP. so you can order the advance PSP.......

I got no reply...... I did this 2 to 3 weeks BEFORE teh album fiannly cam eout.

so yes. I am a tad annoyed. I knwo BS happens.. but. damnit..

not to mention in my entire area i'm 60 mile sfrom PIttsburgh PA. there are no promoters for Orgy. barely any in PITT. I attend Club Laga's "the upstage"..

is it just me or are people slacking off? for promoting in teh lesser areas... PA has only 2 major big Cities. Philly and PIttsburgh. Pitt barely gets touched.

Anyone know WHY I dindt't get a reply for teh PSP Advance? it irks me about that.. when i see so amny peopel aroudn me got 2, 3 signe dcopies of teh advance. don't seem quite FAIR to me.

then again. it's late. and i have 2 college classes tomrrow one's a night class. .. *rubs temples*

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