February 24th, 2004

orgy drama

i had the hardest time in the world getting my copy of psp grrr. i get home from school, get on my brothers go-ped and rush over to 'the wherehouse' with my 13 dollars in quarters. it was 16 bucks! so i ask everyone in the store for spare change. nobody is nice so they didnt give me annyy money. i go outside and walk around with my go-ped. this man i asked for money comes up to me in his car (i thought he was a kidnapper lol) and asks me if i ran out of gas. i said i wanted the orgy cd. he said 'your a nice looking white girl and shouldnt stoop yourself that low to get money blah blah blah' and he left and i kept begging for money and then i got a dollar from some strangers. then i only needed 2 more dollars. then my friends showed up and then my friend gave me 5 bucks. i go to the cashier and the worker says it was on sale. -.- i was pissed. how much is it on sale for? 14 dollars. i was sitting outside for like an hour trying to get 2 more dollars when i had what i needed the whole time telling people i had gas problems with the go-ped. i was soo mad. then on the way i home i couldnt get the go-ped to start (karma) then my finger started bleeding. but it worked and i got home safely and now i love my new cd. lol.. i really like beautiful disgrace and cant take this, but im still undecided on my favorite lol .....thats my psp story! grr lol
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