December 4th, 2003

*dances around the comm*

Wow. I am sooo hyper in the head right now :o

omg! i being so dorky ^^ listen listen listen!! new song. snippet. i can't stop listening to a bloody snippet :x, you must sleep instead of staying up surfing the web and drinking Pepsi One...yup

gooo :D
I found this out via the Deadsy MB and some people liked it, some people hated it...but i love it so much x-x *dances*
I'm a dork. Gonna' ask mum as soon as she wakes up to buy me the single :x only $3.98 , no shipping hahaha

Oh, hi - new to the comm, it kind of looks dead, but i'm attacking it anyway ;D
My name's Kristina. I'll be 17 in Feb....yay :p
I'm gonna go ahead and shut up

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