August 30th, 2003

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At Last!!!

It seems like Orgy WILL be releasing the third LP, titles 'Punk Statik Paranoia' on January 27th 2004.

They are currently in the studio recording and mixing the last batch of songs.
As of now the track listing is:
01. Control
02. Inside My Head
03. What U Say
04. Santa's Secret
05. Oblivious
06. Out Of It
07. Stupid
08. Track Only
09. I Can't Take This

"Along side of these notes... Lou Gordon (Jay Gordon's father) said that the original title of the album was "Punk Static Paranoia" and that the "K" is accidental. The person doing the artwork for the album messed up and put a "K" instead of a "C". But the art was so good that they decided to stay with it. Lou also said that the title of the album does not refer to "Punk" as we usually think of the word. The album title was inspired by Orgy's stalkers."

Oh and by the way, this is CoalChamber05, I have a new lj.